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  • Ready to use report with recommendations for strategic and tactical decision making
  • Your report includes your baseline score, allowing you to benchmark over time, across teams or against your industry
  • Unlimited online assessments, have as many individuals as many times as you like
  • One fixed yearly cost
  • Remote friendly dashboard and interface
Monthly Annual (Save 20%)

CDC Solutions

Customer Data Culture: Test Flight

Analysis on your organisations customer data culture, examining customer-centric decision making and how customer learnings are used.

  • A comprehensive self-assessment
  • Assess how enabled you are to support your customer-centric programs
  • Define the critical factors of optimising your customer outcomes
  • Only takes six minutes, with results in 24 hours
  • Free to run, a good first taste of Customer Crunch's solutions


Customer Data Culture: Discovery

A health check of your organisations customer capability, a general assessment of your team’s sentiment concerning customer culture, and customer insights.

  • Assess how customer data culture is enacted and expressed in your organisation
  • Understand the internal sentiment on customer culture
  • Establish friction points and the inter-relationships of each team
  • Identification of optimistic and pessimistic groups
  • Tactical recommendations and actions to accelerate change
  • Establish a baseline to monitor team feedback, month on month, as you make changes

SPARCA Products

SPARCA Data Management

Close examination of how well your organisation is storing and processing customer data and insights

  • Identify the value of your data as an asset
  • Identify weaknesses in your data capture process and examine the data quality within your organisation
  • Assess technical and commercial data governance stress points
  • Team sentiment analysis on how data is communicated and disseminated internally
  • Monitor data management over time, tracking your score each time you complete the assessment

SPARCA Analytical Maturity

A deep-dive on the approach and execution of assessing and releasing data and insights internally

  • Identify your organisation’s ability to gain knowledge from raw data and disseminate these learnings
  • Score and track the capability level of your insights teams
  • Gather a clear view of your ability to automate insights
  • Assess the effectiveness of communication workflows and standards
  • Identify your pathway to Artificial Intelligence

SPARCA Insight Activation

An audit on how customer data and insights are turned into strategy and tactical decision making

  • Examine how knowledge is synthesised for immediate use, analyse how intelligence-enabled and connected stakeholders are
  • Enable teams to feel confident in using verified and synthesised data to support strategic decisions
  • Assessing and benchmarking your CRM standards
  • Qualify the value and return on investments
  • Review the insights team and how their recommendations and actions are supporting the bottom line

SPARCA Enterprise

A comprehensive combination of our SPACA Data Management, SPACA Analytical Maturity, and SPACA Insight Activation products, providing you with a 360 view on customer data

  • A qualitative review of organisational data flow, from initial data capture through to insight lead data actions
  • Acts as an internal management standard linked to your strategic priorities
  • Examine internal sentiment analysis and gain insight into the team culture
  • Key recommendations to accelerate change
  • A holistic view of the information ecosystem analysis end-to-end