Customers leave a trail of data with each interaction. How your business copes with the capture, storage and processing of this information can determine how well you can learn from your data to understand customer needs.

  • Clarify areas of strength
  • Assess your team’s sentiment on how well data is managed
  • Determine the potential of the data you have available
  • Discover your Data Governance stress points
  • Clarify any gaps in the capture of key information
  • Monitor your improvements monthly or quarterly
  • Benchmark your business to industry standards

From: $350.00 + GST / month



Data Footprint & Potential


STORED relates to the capacity for an organisation to leverage its information ecosystem, it is essential to obtain a view of the data potential that forms the basis of developing a sound insight function.

Key Assessment Areas


Granularity & Frequency


Depth & Breadth


Customer Data


External Data

Proficiency to Structure


PROCESSED relates to the data environments (data warehouse) and the transformation of data into some form of consumption environment (MIS data platform, data cubes or views).

Key Assessment Areas




Process Efficiency


Information Flow


Business Metrics

Potential of ‘Generally Available’ Data

Identify respondents’ views on the potential of your raw and available data. This is critical to understand the foundation of your data capability and what may need to be done to leverage data as an asset.

  • Is data seen as an asset?
  • Are there known gaps?
  • What can be done to improve your data capability?

Proficiency to Govern Data

Organisations are continually challenged on the key principles of data governance. When mastering this practice, it is important to consider how your people see competency in both aspects of technical and commercial governance.

  • Does the team understand the benefits of Data Governance?
  • Are processes in place to effectively govern data?
  • Where are the opportunities to make it more effective?